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Nice to meet, KinsburgTV!

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Passed three years since the launch of the first version, and two years with the second.

The new major release is available on the new domain, so I decided not to disconnect the old site, and develop a new site as parallel.

The new project is written in Python and Django, also under the hood are Nginx+uwsgi, Scrapy, MySQL, SphinxSearch, Redis, Celery, and to deploy and support the project using virtualenv, supervisor, South and Fabric.

The project is rewritten, because I'm in the last 3 years have been programming using Python and Django. Maintain and develop features for PHP was too expensive, so I decided to rewrite everything in Python.

New features


  • Appeared English interface!
  • The new filter (with sorting and searching) without reloading the page. Looking well, in addition to text, there is a search for the mask.
  • New bookmarking service with the ability to create your own types of bookmarks:

    • Also has the ability to move, delete and copy bookmarks;

    • Architecture provides an opportunity to put in a bookmark any objects (thanks to "django.contrib.contenttypes"), and not only films (but now the bookmarks are only for films).

  • Film companies and countries are now clickable:

    • Now, there are few published film companies, but they will be added gradually through Scrapy;

    • Countries were not represented in the menu, but you can get it from the film page.

  • Blogs about movies, movie stars and film companies:

    • Blogs yet taken only from the site and only themes about movies, of course.

  • Film reviews:

    • While reviews are taken from Kinopoisk, but also has a manual entry of reviews completed yet and will soon be published and user-friendly interface to writing reviews.

  • Appeared the authorization through social networks! I decided that now is relevant only Facebook, Vkontake and Twitter. I'm thinking about adding Google, Yandex and OpenID, but am not sure that this is true. Authorization is implemented using nice library django-social-auth.

With the project also helped me mouellke. She did a good design for the entire site! Thank her so much!

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