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The "django-lictor" for Django Dash 2012

Hello everybody, at weekend we participated in the Django Dash 2012, and we made an application to visualize your projects via stack trace.

What is "lictor"?

The lictor (possibly from Latin: ligare, "to bind") was a member of a special class of Roman civil servant, with special tasks of attending and guarding magistrates of the Roman Republic and Empire who held imperium, the right and power to command; essentially, a bodyguard. The origin of the tradition of lictors goes back to the time when Rome was a kingdom, perhaps acquired from their Etruscan neighbours.


Our team was called Tetronix and included:

  • Oleg Grigoriev (vasa-c)
  • Mikhail Andreev (adw0rd)
  • Boris Timokhin (mathete)

We did in amount 132 commits, but was not enough time to finish the project.


You can see the demo on page

Unfortunately, I can't create screencast in Linux (xUbuntu), please suggest a program for it!

It's open source and you can get a code from

What's next?

Since "django-lictor" is part of the idea of ​​visualization Django-projects, then my next step will be the appearance of the application [django-visualization](, which will render the whole project, not just the call stack.

While planning to use AST, source code of "django-lictor" will be used to visualize the stack trace built tree project.

Also the opportunity to create a task, review, etc.


Wow! It's beautiful!

Frank   5   Interesting idea
Jacob   4   Cool idea.
Jeff    4   Sounds like a really useful app if you can get the bugs worked out.
            I'd definitely add it to my app chain if you finished it off.

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