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Released a pluggable application "django-multi-sessions"

This application provides interfaces for multi-session backend. Basically designed to transfer sessions from one machine to another, without stopping your sessions.

Current version is 0.0.3

Installation from PyPI:

pip install django-multi-sessions

Or manual installation:

Download tarball, extract and run:

python setup.py install


You need specify in settings.py a "multi_sessions.session" as SESSION_ENGINE and fill the SESSION_MULTISESSIONS_POOL, as in example:

SESSION_ENGINE = "multi_sessions.session"
        "backend": "redis_sessions.session",
        "modes": ["read", "write", "delete"]
        "backend": "django.contrib.sessions.backends.db",
        "modes": ["read", "delete"]

In this example the "redis-session" is using as a priority storage (read, write/create, delete), and "database-backend" is using only for reads and delete a sessions, because we migrate to "redis", and is no meaning in store data in "database-backend".


This application is open source, and you can getting source code from https://github.com/adw0rd/django-multi-sessions


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